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Baking Essentials

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Rs. 1,515.00
Rs. 1,515.00

This Combo Contains :

California Walnut Kernels 200 g, Mix Berries 200 g, Super Seeds Mix 200 g, Omani Dates 500 g

"Who doesn’t enjoy baking once in a while or even regularly? Studies have also shown that baking is mindful, therapeutic and calming.

  • Walnuts can be added to any cake batter or in brownies. Our favourite is the Banana Walnut Cake!
  • Mix Berries are a great addition to cookies. They can also be added to bread, cakes, oatmeal.
  • Super Seeds Mix is not only great to add to granola, but can also be added to bread, savoury crackers.
  • Omani Dates can be used to make a date syrup, which is a great alternative to refined sugar in all baking items.



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