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California Lightly Salted Dry Roasted Pistachios Jar - 230g

₹ 585.00
₹ 585.00

Weight: 0.23 kg

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  • INGREDIENTS: California Pistachios, Salt. Pistachios are naturally vegan, gluten-free, power packed immunity boosting snacks that taste fresh, crunchy and delicious : Weight 230g,
  • ZERO OIL: We have a special, unique roasting process in which we roast the nuts without using a single drop of oil! TASTE: Fresh, tasty, crunchy!
  • "RICH IN PROTEIN: 6g in 28g pistachios-which is as much protein as an egg. Protein in important for muscle growth and development and boosts immunity "
  • HELP IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: 49 Pistachio kernels have only 172 Calories, 10% Dietary Fibre, giving it a satiating effect and helping in weight management.
  • "HOW TO EAT: A great snack to be had with your cup of tea/coffee! A great choice for mid-morning / evening and midnight hunger pangs Pistachios can be added to many recipes like Kheer, Pulao, garnishing salads, making ice cream. Add to cheese platters. "

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