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Premium Kalmi Dates, Prunes, Jumbo California Almond Combo - 750g

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Rs. 1,440.00
Rs. 1,440.00

This Combo Contains:

Kalmi Dates 350 g, Prunes 200 g, Jumbo California Almonds 500 g

  • "Dietary fibre is very important to keep the gut healthy, boost the digestive system and also helps weight loss
  • Prunes have 7g fibre (in 100g). Consumption of 2-3 is recommended daily. They can also be added to smoothies.
  • Dates have 8g fibre (in 100g). They can be eaten as it or added to food.
  • Jumbo California Almonds contain 12g fibre (in 100g). Daily morning consumption is recommended.



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