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Healthy Basics Combo

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Rs. 1,725.00
Rs. 1,725.00

This Combo Contains:

Jumbo California Almonds 500 g, Jumbo Cashew Nuts 200 g, Indian Long Raisins 200 g , Roasted Pistachios 200 g 200g


"Jumbo California Almonds -

Taste- Fresh, Crunchy and Sweet
rich in protein, with almost 20 g of protein in 100 g, which helps in building muscle and strength.
Rich in healthy fats or monounsaturated fats - help in regulating blood sugar and heart health.
Rich in Vitamin E, which builds the body's immune system and helps to fight viral infections.
Traditionally eaten in the morning after being soaked overnight, along with other nuts like walnuts.

Jumbo Cashew Nuts -

We use W240 cashew which is jumbo in size.
Fresh, Crunchy and Nutty texture.
Rich in 'monounsaturated' or good fats. These fats are good for the heart and help to reduce bad cholesterol. Help to reduce the LDL or 'bad cholesterol'.
Source of magnesium (20% of Daily value)- helps in the development of bones, muscle and tissues and boosts immunity.
High Fibre - Satiating - Helps in weight management.
Eat it as it as a snack! Or use it to garnish dishes. Cashews are also added to curries to make them rich and thick.
Roasted Pistachios -

Californian Pistachios which we dry-roast without a single drop of oil and lightly salt.
Taste- Fresh, Crunchy and lightly salted.
Source of protein: 6g in 28g pista-which is as much protein as an egg.
Naturally cholesterol-free snack!
High Fibre - Satiating - Helps in weight management.
Guilt-free snack to be had with your cup of tea/coffee! A great choice for mid-morning/evening and midnight hunger pangs.

Indian Long Raisins -

Origin- Nashik, India
Taste- Sweet and fruity in taste.
High Fibre - Approx 4g in 100g raisins. Satiating - Helps in weight management.
Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C which improve skin health, boost immunity and fight infections from the body.
Rich in potassium (749mg in 100g Raisins) which help to reduce acidity and remove toxins from the system.
Used as a garnishing for many dishes like kheer, biryani, pulao, salads etc.

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