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Nutty Gritties California Roasted Almonds, Lightly Salted - 48gms (Pack of 1 )

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Rs. 100.00
Rs. 100.00
  • The finest variety which is double sorted before packing in a proper hygienic processing facility
  • Ingredients: Californian sanora almonds and salt to taste ; net weight: 48grams ; almonds size: 18/20
  • Process: while roasting we do not use any oil - 100% oil free ; flavor: lightly salted to maintain the natural flavor of the nut
  • Store in cool and dry place once opened. Transfer the content in an air tight container. Keep away from children below 3 Years
  • Our nutritionists and taste experts suggest tossing them in your mouth directly. Since the packs are nibble-sized, you can carry them easily while travelling, attending meetings, shopping, exercising and so on. Keep them handy and reach out for an instant energy boost or whenever your belly sends you a hunger SOS.
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