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Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts 100g

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Rs. 285.00
Rs. 285.00
  • INGREDIENTS: Premium Mangalorean cashews, Freshly ground black pepper and salt.
  • HEALTHY SNACKING: Our Southern Pepper Cashews are roasted without a single drop of oil! They are a great healthy snack for hunger pangs, party snacking, kids snacking! A super healthy, nutritious snack to munch on at any time of the day! Vegan-friendly, Keto-friendly, Gluten-free.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: We use the finest ingredients and a unique roasting process which makes our Pepper Cashews so delicious and amazingly scrumptious! A go-to snack when you crave a healthy snack that taste great!
  • "HIGH IN FIBRE: Helps in weight management when taken in the right quantity. SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM: Cashews help in the development of bones, muscle and tissues and boosts immunity. "
  • "RICH IN GOOD FATS: These fats are good for the heart and help to reduce bad cholesterol. Help to reduce the LDL or 'bad cholesterol' "
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