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Top 5 Party Snacks for Diwali Parties!

Posted on by Mastermind Corporation

Diwali is arguably the best time of the year. Not only because of the extravagant parties but also because it is a chance for you to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Everyone has their love language; some people love quality time with their loved ones and others love words of affirmation--but everyone loves gifts! So here are the best party snacks to gift your loved ones for this Diwali.


#5 Spicy Bombay Trail Mix

 Spicy Bombay Trail Mix

The Spicy Bombay mix has all the right ingredients to make you wish you had this earlier than you did. With dried mango, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds, chickpeas, and cashews, this mix does not disappoint. It balances the uniqueness of the ingredients with the spiciness really well while being extremely healthy. All of the ingredients are dry-roasted without a single drop of oil. Since it is a party snack, it tastes amazing with drinks too!


#4 Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts

 Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts

The southern pepper cashew nuts are exactly what you expect them to be and even more. The peppery taste is bold and flavorful. The cashew nuts are rich and big. The dry roast makes them crunchy without compromising on the health aspect. They pair extremely well with drinks like all the other items on this list. And you can even add them to a cheese platter!


#3 Smoked Cocktail Nut Mix

Smoked Cocktail Nut Mix

The smoked cocktail nut mix not only lives up to its name in terms of flavor but is also appealing because of its unique packaging. It's compact. It’s classy. And It’s tasty. Although the ingredients are simple, the flavor is not. The smokiness of the nuts makes this mix really unique. The easiest way to impress your guests is through their stomachs and this is the key to that lock.


#2 Barbeque Almonds

 Barbeque Almonds

Whether you like barbeque or not, you will love the barbeque almonds. The exotic texture and flavor profile sets these almonds from the rest of the snacks. If you are looking for Diwali party snacks, your search will end when you taste these. They’re fresh, crunchy, delicious, and retain all the health benefits because like all of our other products, they are also dry-roasted without a single drop of oil. Party snacks shouldn’t only be tasty, they need to be healthy so that we can party more often without the guilt!


#1 Thai Chilli Blend

Thai Chilli Blend

Lastly, the Thai Chilli Blend is our winner. It’s impossible to go wrong with the Thai Chilli Blend. Not only is it a great chatpatta snack but it also pairs well with salads. It's our #1 party snack for a reason. The seasoned almonds, cashews, and peanuts are the perfect combinations that will appeal to your palette. The only drawback of this snack is that once you start eating it, you will find it very difficult to control yourself from eating more.