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  • We offer discounts from time to time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know when we come up with discounts!

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    Nutty Gritties

  • What all products do you offer?

  • We have healthy alternatives that can be consumed at any time of the day. At Nutty Gritties we have a delectable range of nuts, berries, dates, dried fruits and trail mixes. 

  • What makes Nutty Gritties special?
  • We offer wholesome and premium dry fruits, handpicked with love from around the world. Our founding fathers began their journey in 1887 and passed their legacy onto us, the fifth generation of the family. We blend their expertise with our own creative drive. Inside our facilities, we sort, grade, roast, flavour and package the dry fruits with great accuracy and attention.  Our products are made with 100% real and natural ingredients, zero preservatives and are roasted to perfection without a single drop of oil! 

  • Where else is Nutty Gritties available?

  • We are present pan-India across major retail stores, corporates, gyms, airlines and railways. For a complete store list- please click here. 


    1. Are you a certified company?

    Yes, our production facility is ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and FSSAI Certified.


    1. How are the products sourced?

    Our products are sourced from the finest quality facilities from around the globe, guaranteeing certifications from the processor.


    1. Where are the products sourced from?

    Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios are directly imported from California, USA. Cashews are sourced from Mangalore, Karnataka and Raisins from Nashik, Maharashtra.


    1. How may I store the products?

    Store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate or store in an airtight container, depending on the season.


    1.  Are the products suitable for children?

    Absolutely! Kids can grab a pack for satiating their hunger pangs anytime. As a matter of fact, include them in their daily diets. One thing to note - avoid feeding them to children below the age of 3 years, as the chunks might be slightly bigger for them to swallow



  • How many nuts should I eat every day?
  • A healthy daily intake of nuts is 28g (a handful) or approximately: 20 almonds or 15 cashews. 

  • Are the Cashews fattening?
  •              This is a myth! Cashews are not fattening! In fact, they contain ‘healthy fats’ which are very good for the body and help in weight management. However, they should be taken in the right quantity, only a handful which is around 10-15 pieces a day. 

  • Do you have flavored nuts?
  • We have a wide range of flavoured nuts that include - Thai Chilli Blend, Barbeque Almonds, Southern Pepper Cashews, Honey Sesame Almonds, Coconut Almonds, Coffee Almonds, Rose Almonds, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Vanilla Cinnamon Almonds, Wasabi Fusion Cashews and Saffron Cashews. 


  • Is there any added sugar in the Berries?
  •  Yes, all dried berries do have a small amount of added sugar. However, these are added at source. We do not add any added sugar at all. 

  • How can I eat the berries?

  • Berries can be eaten as a snack by all age groups, when you get sweet cravings. They can also be added with other nuts to make your own trail mix. They can be added to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, topped on salads, pastas etc to get a delicious, nutritious taste. They can also be topped up on biryani, kheer and be added to all baked goods like cakes, cookies, muffins, breads. 


  • What are the health benefits of seeds?
  • Seeds are High in Omega-3 Fats. high plant based protein, may control cholesterol and blood pressure, improve digestive health,  reduce the risk of cancer and may benefit people with diabetes.

  • How can I eat the Super Seeds Mix? 
  • Snack on them any time or add them to salads, yogurts, ice creams to get an added boost of nutrition and fibre

    Trail Mixes 

    1 Are the trail mixes fattening?

     No, our trail mixes are not fattening. They are high in dietary fibre and omega -3 which help in weight management. However, they should be eaten in the right quantities, only one handful in the day, or you can opt for our mini packs which has just the right amount you need at a time. 

    1. How can I eat them?

       You have them in between your meals any time you get a hunger pang or add them to your salads, quinoa. You can also add some to your favorite smoothie or add to your favourite halwa!

    Dried Fruit

  • Are the Prunes seedless?
  • Yes, prunes are dried and seedless. 

  • What are the health benefits of Prunes?
  • Helps digestion. Prunes are high in fiber, which helps prevent hemorrhoids brought on by constipation, High in potassium, High in vitamins, Provides a good source of iron, Builds bones and muscles, Reduces cholesterol levels, Lowers blood pressure.

  • How can I eat prunes? 
  • Eat them alone as a snack, Add prunes to your breakfast oatmeal.Mix them with nuts, other dried fruits such as apricots, and dark chocolate chips for a healthy trail mix. Add them to baked goods. Blend them (or use prune juice) for drinks or smoothies.


  • How many variants of dates are available ?
  • We have two variants that include - Kalmi dates from Saudi Arabia and Omani Dates from Oman. 

  • Can I eat Dates in summer?
  • Yes, you can. You can take them with mausami/orange juice in the morning. vitamin C and iron go well together and make a healthy combination. You can also soak dates for a few hours and take them first thing in the morning to remove its hot property.We also recommend eating dates with a glass of milk, considering it has cooling properties    



    •   What all gifting options are available?

    We offer gourmet dry fruit collections for festivals, weddings, corporate events and personal gifting. Discover all the available options here (this has to be linked with the gift page). For more information, please contact us on +91 9910768885 or drop a mail to


    •   Do you cater to weddings and festivals?

    Yes, we offer curated gift hampers to both weddings and other festive occasions, among many more. Keep a look out for more flavors here (to be linked to gifting page). For any gifting related enquiries, please contact us on +91 9910768885 or drop a mail to


    •   Do you have corporate gifting option as well?

    Yes! You can see our range of gourmet gifting options here. (to be linked to gifting page). For any gifting related enquiries, please contact us on +91 9910768885 or drop a mail to

    Mini Packs

  • Are the nuts fattening?
  •             No, this is a myth! Nuts are not fattening. When taken in the right quantity, they help in weight management as they have ‘good fats’ and are full of antioxidants. They are high in calories and give us instant energy. 

  • How many pieces are there in the small pack?
  • There are around 15 cashews in a 21 gm jumbo roasted cashews pack and 18 almonds in Jumbo Roasted Almonds pack. 

  • When can I eat them ?
  • Keep the handy single serve pack in your bags at all times. They are great snacks for those who are on-the-go constantly, for a pre- or post-workout snack. You can have them in mid-morning or at 4pm with your cup of tea or coffee as well.