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Granola Cookies For Mom With Mom's Superfood Mix

Posted on by Anamika Agarwal

Baking for Mom? Always a good idea 😍

Granola Cookies with Mom’s Superfood Mix



📷 Made and shot by: @butterfingers_by_preetanjali

1. 145 gm softened butter
2. 100 gms jaggery
3. 1 egg
4. 150 gm sifted flour
5. 5 gms of baking powder
6. 150 gms Mom's Superfood Mix


i) In a bowl take 145 gm of softened butter
ii) Add 100 gms of jaggery. Mix it.
iii) Add 1 egg. Mix it.
iv) Add 150 gm of sifted flour and 5 gms of baking powder. Mix it.
v) Add 150 gms of Nutty Gritties Mom’s Superfood Mix
vi) Make balls of 25 gm each and refrigerate for 2 hours
vii) Bake at 170 for 12 mins or until done


Make these super tasty Cookies for your Mom. We're sure she's going to love it!


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