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Energy Rich Combo - Sports Mix 350g, Kalmi Dates 350g, Pepper Cashews 200g (900g)

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Rs. 1,470.00
Rs. 1,470.00

This combo Contains:

Sports Mix 350 g, Kalmi Dates 350 g, Pepper Cashews 200 g


  • "It is true that food is the fuel to our body! These superfoods provide you with energy and can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • Sports Mix is a wholesome trail mix with a mix of nuts and berries. Good fats, minerals and vitamins make it an energising snack.
  • Dates are a great snack to consume for energy especially if you crave something sweet.
  • Cashews are full of healthy fats and contain serotonin, which is a happiness-inducing hormone and keeps us energised.


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