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Roasted Salted Almonds 200g (Pack of 5)

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Rs. 1,800.00
Rs. 1,800.00
  • Contains: Roasted and lightly Salted Almonds (Pack of 5, 200g each - 1kg) 
  • Californian Almonds which we dry-roast without a single drop of oil and lightly salt.
  • Taste- Fresh, Crunchy and lightly salted
  • Rich in healthy fats or monounsaturated fats - help in regulating blood sugar and heart health.
  • Easy to carry, single serve packs that can be carried when you are on-the-go or kept in your bag at all times.
  • No added preservatives, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, Keto-friendly.
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