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Raw Pine Nuts 100g
New -15%
Raw Pine Nuts 100g
New -15%
Raw Pine Nuts 100g
New -15%
Raw Pine Nuts 100g
New -15%

Raw Pine Nuts 100g

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  • INGREDIENTS: Raw Pine Nuts, without shell
  • HELPS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Pine nuts are rich in dietary fibre 1.03g in 28g serving size - Improves your digestive health by preventing constipation and helps in weight management. Nuts keep you satiated for longer and prevent overeating.
  • PROTEIN-PACKED: 3.83g in 28g serving size - Protein is important for the growth of bones, muscles and it boosts metabolism.
  • BOOSTS BRAIN HEALTH: Pine nuts are a rich source of Omega-3 fats which boost the brain health.
  • HEART-HEALTHY: Pine Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats which helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Helps to maintain cholesterol levels.
  • ENERGY-BOOSTING snack: Nuts are a powerhouse of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and anti-oxidants that increase energy levels.
  • HOW MUCH TO EAT? Recommended to have approximately 28g daily.
  • HOW TO EAT? Snack on Pine nuts at any time of the day! Toss them up in salads and your favourite meals. Make homemade pesto sauce with pine nuts.
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