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NG Turns 9!

Posted on by Abhishek Modi

We turned 9 on 3rd September 2018 and we are super excited!! We are extremely thankful to our audience that has supported our nine-year journey and encouraged us to be innovative in the kitchen and expand to pan India. A journey that began with the simple aim to provide our consumers with handpicked premium dry fruits, has completed nearly a tenure of a successful run that wouldn’t have been possible without your love!

Speaking of love here are our top 9 reasons why you should continue showering your love on NG for all the years to come!


  1. Our dry fruits are sourced from far and wide; giving you the absolute best from different corners of the world. For one, our crunchyCalifornia almonds are bought in all the way from across the seven seas, specially for you!
  2. Our flavored nuts are seriously delicious and are the perfect alternative for your odd hour binges. Even better, they are roasted without a single drop of oil! (#NUTSAT4PM)
    Know more at
  3. We are super easily available at all the leading super markets and deliver to your door step. We even provide cash on delivery service with free delivery, making everyone’s life easier and healthier.
  4. We also provide you with the most universally adored gifting solutions. So no more stressing over what to give with your wedding/pooja invites or the perfect gift for your corporate distributions. We love catering to bulk orders, you can read all about them and even write in to us at or call us on 9910768885 and we’ll help you curate a beautiful gifting hamper!
  5. Our fun-size is ideal for your on the go munchies. That is 21gms of pure yumminess! Have them while travelling, working or pre- and post-workout!
  6. Dry fruits are guilt free indulgences! So much so they actually help you in your weight reduction goals. Not to mention the wonders they do for your stamina!
  7. You can subscribe to your monthly source of good health; with our subscription plans. You can choose the quantity and the duration of the plan to suit your family requirements. Know more about our subscription plans here:
  8. They are (or should be) a part of the staple diet for all your family members. Be it a young child or your grandparents, everyone has only good health to gain with the consumption of these delicious dry fruits. Even the one’s on a diet should relish our crispy almonds!
  9. The NG kitchen, is constantly hard at work to keep your palate entertained! Do try our Limited Edition Coffee Almonds and Coconut Almonds

If these reasons aren’t enough to get your mouth watering, we don’t know what will be! So what are you waiting for? Go try our products today !!