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Posted on by Rahul Sharma


To celebrate the versatility of our Super Seeds mix, we brought on board ace Chef Priyam Kumar to share some of his favourite recipes and hacks to use the seeds. Try these out for size, and you’re bound to make them a pantry staple (along with already being a wholesome snack)! 


Recipe #1


Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl



For the Smoothie: 

Frozen strawberries - 60 gms 

Frozen banana - 40 gms

Avocado - 40 gms

Peanut butter - 20 gms

Chia seeds (soaked)- 20 gms 

Almond milk - 40 ml 

Coconut sugar - 20 gms 

For the Garnish: 

Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix (and/or Sports Mix) - 10gms 

Chopped almonds - 5 nos 

Sliced bananas - 1/2 

Coconut shavings - 10gms 

Dark chocolate - 10 gms 

Chia seeds - 10 gms 

Fresh cherries (or fruit of choice) - 2 pcs


Gather all the smoothie ingredients; ensure the fruits are nicely frozen. 

In a blender, blend all ingredients together.

Once the mixture has blended into a thick consistency, remove into a bowl. 

Garnish with some Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix or the array of toppings mentioned above – or anything else that strikes your fancy!

Enjoy nice and cold


Recipe #2


Grilled Chicken Super Seed Bowl



Chicken breast  - 1

For the marinade:

salt – to taste

Cracked black pepper - 5 gms

Cajun spice rub - 15 gms 

Cumin powder - 2 gms 

Thyme - 1 sprig 

For the salad: 

Mesclun greens - 50gms 

Nutty gritties Super Seeds Mix - 20 gms

Cucumber - 15 gms

Cherry tomatoes - 10gms 

Relish - 10 gms 

White wine vinegar - 10 ml 

Lemon juice - 5 ml 

Extra virgin olive oil - 5 ml 

Sea salt – a pinch

Cracked pepper - 5 gms



Marinate the chicken with the mentioned ingredients. 

Heat up a pan, add some olive oil and sear the chicken breast.

Cook for 3 mins ( or slightly more, depending upon the size) on each side.

Turn off the flame, but leave the chicken on the pan to maintain temperature. 

In a salad bowl, gather the vegetables and mesclun leaves.

Whisk up the vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil in a separate bowl till it forms an emulsion. 

Add salt and pepper for seasoning

Add the dressing to the salad bowl and toss it up together.

Finish off with adding some Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix and slices of the chicken in the salad bowl. Add a spoonful of relish and serve.

For a vegetarian version of this, replace the chicken with 200 grams of fresh halloumi cheese, paneer, or pulled jackfruit (canned, and drained). Pan sear on a medium flame with olive oil for 3-4 minutes and proceed as per the original recipe. 


Some Other Inspired Ideas


  • Spiced Super Seeds Mix

    Heat a tbsp of Olive Oil on a pan and add 1 tsp Za’atar spice + 1 tsp cumin. Once roasted, add 1 tsp caster sugar and finally Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix. Toss them over the heat for a few minutes. Once caramelised nicely, store in an airtight container and use as a healthy snack with a kick of spice; or sprinkle over salads and soups. 


  • Super Seed Butter


    Dry roast 1 cup of Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix on a pan for a few minutes, tossing constantly to avoid burning. Let cook, transfer to a high quality food processor or blender and blend at 30 seconds intervals. Scrape down the sides, and repeat the process until the butter-like consistency is formed. At this stage, you can enjoy as is, or flavour with sea salt, honey, cinnamon or vanilla essence. Use over toast as a protein-packed breakfast.


  • Super Seed Mix Pesto


    Blitz up the following in a blender -  2 cups fresh basil leaves, 1 cup arugula, 1 garlic clove,  1 tbsp lemon juice, 1/4th cup olive oil, ½ tsp sea salt, pinch of black pepper and 2/3rd cup Nutty Gritties Super Seeds Mix. Blend to a chunky consistency and slather into sandwiches or over pasta, salads and more!


    Chef Priyam Kumar’s approach to food involves creating delicious yet wholesome cuisine that uses primarily local ingredients. His illustrious career spans from working at multiple Oberoi properties to a bespoke consultancy firm; from a progressive organic vegan restaurant to spearheading an iconic Delhi brand in a contemporary format, and he has now finally taken the leap into his own delivery-based venture @gobsmackers.