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Which Nutty Gritties Fan Favourite Are You?!

Posted on by Rahul Sharma

Which Nutty Gritties Fan Favourite Are You?!


You know when something you love becomes so iconic, it kinda takes on a personality of its own? Well for us, we love our Nutty Gritties fan favourites so much (no bias!), that we’ve begun to see them as living breathing entities with their own quirks and traits! 

Which brings us to this fun quiz. Answer the following questions, and keep a track on answers to reveal which kind of snack you are! 

1. It’s Friday night. What are you most likely to be doing? 


A. Done with work; managed to hit the gym. Now heading to the hottest new bar in town to meet some old friends and make new ones!

B. A girls/boys night in with some good old pizza and beer; and either a movie marathon or gaming session!

C. Pre-drinks with BFFs. Then club #1 with the school crew; followed by club #2 with cousins, followed by… get the drift!

D. Every night is a Friday night because you’re likely discovering a new city! (or at least that’s what you’d rather be doing!)

E. Binge-watching your favourite Netflix show with your pet. 

2. Which of these would be closest to your dream jobs


A. Startup owner

B. Something creative like lifestyle photography

C. Marketing executive

D. Social media influencer

E. Chef


3. Which of these fits your idea of the perfect date?


A. An old fashioned arcade! Nothing spells fun better than some friendly competition, bowling and air hockey!

B. Going to a shelter and playing with alllll the puppies!

C. Dinner at the poshest new restaurant.

D. Experimental cocktails at an underground speakeasy

E. A laidback Sunday brunch


4. What’s your favourite way of unwinding?


A. Morning yoga to kick start the day

B. A nice long nature hike

C. Eating out at your favourite restaurant

D. A relaxing day at the spa

E. Getting creative with some painting


5. Pick your favourite beverage –


A. Double shot, dark roast Americano coffee

B.  A nice, chilled beer

C. A new cocktail each time! 

D. Just water, thanks!

E. A comforting mug of hot chocolate


6. Your friends would describe you as –


A. Organised

B. Loyal

C. Fun

D. Adventurous

E. Approachable



7. What’s your favourite guilty splurge?


A. Stationery

B. Good food

C. Partying

D. Travel (of course!)

E. Clothing


8. Which of these iconic pop culture characters do you relate to the most?


A. Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

B. Inspector Clouseau, The Pink Panther

C. Woody, Toy Story

D. Marty McFly, Back to the Future

E. Dory, Finding Nemo

    If you got – 

    MOSTLY A’s


    You’re a super-organised, Type A multitasker and you’ve always got your eyes on the prize! The go-getter who’s all about doing more and being more; you are as skilled at your job as you are at having a social life and making that balance work more than most of us know how to! 





    MOSTLY B’s


    You’re the one everyone comes to when in need. You’re reliable, comforting, encouraging and always have a vibe of positivity around you! You’re easy to get along with and probably the human version of that feel-good sound track everyone listens to to uplift their day!






    You’re the extroverted life-of-the-party that adds the much-needed dose of spice in all your friends’ lives! You believe in making the most of NOW, and you totally live like it! When it comes to restaurant, bar and entertainment recommendations – you’re everyone’s go-to person!






    You’re the jetsetter who’s Instagram is always the envy of your circle! From visiting serene beaches to quaint towns; from lush nature and rustic landscapes to pulsating cities; life for you is a never-ending pursuit of travel and discovery!





    You’re playful, down-to-earth and completely in touch with your inner child! You are as full of wonder and excitement at the every day, as you are in spending quality time with your loved ones. People around you cannot help but love you for your easy-going approach to life!