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Posted on by Rahul Sharma


Laughter at inside jokes. Play-fighting. A spectacular level of childlike banter that remains well into adulthood. Endless venting sessions. Borrowing of possessions that eventually morph into keeping for good. An effortless way of just being oneself. Sounds familiar? Probably cause you’re lucky enough to have a sibling(s!)… And yeah, buying gifts for your  siblings is probably one of the most sacred aspects of the whole package!

With Rakhi just round the corner, we’ve got you covered. It’s a universal truth that food is love; and something healthy and delicious never fails to seal the deal! Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with the choicest of Nutty Gritties for your beloved brother or sister. 

So, here’s our roundup of what’s perfect for your gifting dilemma. 


For the Experimental Gourmand…

The Celebration Gift Box.


Celebration Gift Box, MRP - Rs. 3000


A vast array of all things delicious, healthy, and exotic; this hamper makes for a platter of endless possibilities! Eaten by themselves or in an inspired recipe; your brother or sister who enjoys cooking as much as eating is bound to find this a treasure trove! Pro tip – go ahead and print out some fun recipes that utilise these products; or check out our insta page for some inspiration!


For the Insatiably Extravagant…

The Kalmi Dates

With a passport that has endless stamps and a travel bag that’s never quite unpacked; your indulgence-seeking brother or sister has a taste for the finer things in life and they own it! They believe in investing in high quality and luxury; and don’t hesitate to indulge themselves or those around them. The Kalmi Dates  in their sweet, exotic, satisfying sophistication complement them perfectly – and will be the first thing they pop into their LV-carry on, before boarding that next flight to a luxury destination!


Kalmi Dates 350 gm with Rakhi, MRP - Rs. 500


For the Traditionally Inclined…
The Gold Gift Box.

For the purists who believe that simplicity is the most underrated virtue; and appreciate the value of long-harboured favourites. They’re all about the basics, no frills, thank you! The Gold Box with the finest quality nuts that are roasted to perfection; paired with a sweet touch of mix berries makes for their ideal snacking companion. 


 Gold Gift Box 400 gm, MRP - Rs. 1200, Special Price - Rs. 1100



For the Effortless Multitasker…
The Signature Gift Box.

From the board room to the bar; from having a fulfilling career, to being a super-parent your sibling has mastered the elusive art of multitasking! They shuffle through daily roles and responsibilities at an astonishing pace and as such, they’re all about variety and contrasts. This gift makes for an ideal match to their personality. It brings together two of our vastly different yet equally fulfilling products. 


 Nutty Gritties Signature C 550 gm, MRP - Rs. 945



For the Hopelessly Sweet-toothed…

The Dark Chocolate Almonds

Yes, yes they have avidly read each and every article on the evils of sugar…sworn to go off it forever; only to last half a day and collapse into comical fits of “ drastic sugar level dips” followed up with eating a tub of ice cream! If this is an all too familiar scenario, there is nothing your sweet-inclined sibling would love more than these satisfying Dark Chocolate almonds! With tons of health benefits and a mere fraction of the sugar, this will be their salvation when those refined sweet pangs hit!


Dark Chocolate Almonds 100 gm, MRP - Rs. 270



For the Host(ess!) with the Most…
The Indulgence Gift Box

If your sibling knows more than 3 types of table cutlery on their fingertips and the perfect serveware for different spirits…if they’re the hosts who magically whip up indulgent and refreshing goodies for surprise guests who turn up out of the blue; this is their secret weapon! They’ll always appreciate wholesome and healthy snacking that is as ideal on its own, as it is in some interesting hors d’oeuvres or infused in a cocktail!

 Celebration Gift Box 1100 gm, MRP - Rs. 3000 

For the Fitness Enthusiast…
The Sports Mix

Sure, you sometimes want to strangle them in the sleep when they judgingly eye the bag of chips your gorging on, or when they demand you do an intense HIIT session with them! But they are your sibling and you love them (and maybe this will score you enough brownie points so they get off your back! ;) ). They will thank you for this nutrient-dense, power-packed yet delicious snack that will become their favourite go-to!


 Sports Mix 350 gm with Rakhi, MRP - Rs.  635



For the Unapologetic Hipster…
The Coffee Almonds

They’ll only start their day with a fair trade beverage and their clothes are from brands most people have a hard time pronouncing. Since they love nibbling on uncommon tidbits almost as much as they love their daily cuppa, this incredibly unique flavour profile - which blends the earthiness of coffee with the nuttiness of almonds - is sure to be their next absolute favourite!

Coffee Almonds 86 gm, MRP - Rs. 240