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Balance in the Life of a Boss Babe

Posted on by Dinika Bhatia


This evening when I was on a video call with my friends, they encouraged me to get back to Instagram, which I have been off for 3 weeks to be on a social detox. They said I can share some of my Boss Babe inspiration, some positivity and motivation. And it got me thinking.


It got me thinking of the same thing that has been on my mind the past few days, the fact that I've been wanting to take it easy with work the past few years, and enjoy a more balanced life. I always believed what my mentor taught me that life is truly joyful when the wheel of life is balanced. 


Even though I have managed to stay fit and healthy, with spirituality wavering on top (the only reason I have stayed afloat being an entrepreneur running a company in the growth phase), my hobbies took a backseat - I have been wanting to play more tennis, go horse riding, learn the guitar, cook, grow a garden, write, paint, and do so much more. 


One fine day, I decided, this is it. Enough of chasing my hobbies, and not taking them up. It's not exactly work that was keeping me from doing that, but ‘I’ was.

Yes, I am running the company. Yes, I am a Boss Babe. and yes, I also am, just a girl who wants to have some fun.


So I thought of putting down and sharing with you the things that helped me arrive at balance:-

  1. Be kind to yourself - Listen to your inner voice - If it says stop and breathe, so stop, and take a break, do it. One weekend of not working will not make your business stop.
  2. Believe in your people - People are the pillars of an organization. And sometimes, better decisions are made and work happens more effectively when I am not part of the decision making process. So I just empowered them and believed in them. 
  3. Write down your thoughts - This has been a powerful tool for me. And my thoughts have just flown and solutions have just come when I have written down how I feel. 
  4. Talk to friends and family - Some of my best solutions came out of conversations with friends and family about how I feel, my ideas, their outlook towards life, or this lockdown, future of business, politics, economy, etc. etc. OMG, there is so much to talk about, so much to learn, and so much to catch up with. 
  5. Help out - Do your bit. I did mine in understanding where my team needs my help outside of work, how I can help a friend get closer to her goal, my mom in the kitchen, my dad with some banking, my sister with spirituality. And do it selflessly. The feeling is next to none. 
  6. Get your hands dirty in the kitchen - oh how much I’ve enjoyed making that crepe on the pan, or tossing those prawns into a curry, or beating that coffee. Food is also something you create, and creating anything releases feel-good hormones. 
  7. Read - (Not a business book) - so I picked up a spiritual book that I’d kept aside for over a year - Zero Limits, about the Hawaiin practice - Ho’oponopono, and have been practising it ever since. I’d like to believe that this practice has a major hand in bringing this balance in me.
  8. Have some fun - this one evening I just opened a bottle of wine, blasted Dance House music on my terrace, and just simply enjoyed my time, like I’d do on a beach. That was also the day I was missing a vacation, and the next day of doing this, I didn't miss it anymore.
  9. Last, but not least, don't forget Love - Love has the power to change the world. It changed mine. 

And what I’m going to do more of - spend some time learning the guitar, paint, write, and read City of Girls! (Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing is hilarious).

And while that is happening, I am also empowering my team to bring out their best, giving them an opportunity to take accountability (which we almost forget HAS to come from us), helping identify their hidden talents, connect with them in ways other than just business, and drive the brand in ways that it really needs me to - Strategy, Leadership and Vision. 

Hell yeah, I’m a Boss Babe, and with great excitement and passion share that Nutty Gritties is thriving and will continue to do so, while I’m also enjoying my balanced life!

So, you power women out there, this is your chance to really listen to that inner voice, and follow what is truly good for your soul! The universe has conspired for us to get there! 

I'll drink to that,


PS - Thank you Sajinee, Nirali and Vasudha for that conversation last night; Mom, Dad and Aishwarya for being so loving and patient; all my friends and family I’ve connected with this last month; my Nutty DRB Family for giving their hearts to making the world healthier and happier with me; and my best friend, Aniket, for keeping me inspired and motivated.