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Superfit, Super Mom Sonali Swami On Fitness, Food and Family!

Posted on by Abhishek Modi

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how your journey as a Fitness Coach?  

SONALI: My dad was in the army, so my entire life was spent in the camp. My husband is software personnel. I did hotel management therefore was working in the hotel industry. After moving to Bangalore, I quit my job and was travelling with my husband. Then I had my 1st kid – she is 14 years old and then I had a son who is 11 years old. Dancing is my passion so when I moved to Bangalore and had kids, I was mostly into dancing. I am a Kathak and a Latin dancer. That’s how I got into physical activities. After I had my second child, I enrolled myself in the gym- Fitness First and that’s were my fitness journey started. I became a fitness instructor and in 2013 end I took up weight training .

2. What workouts do you enjoy?

SONALI: All sorts of workouts! I am very much into cardio so I enjoy anything which has music. I love aerobics, zumba (I am also a zumba instructor ), but my favorite will be weight training (I do that 5-6 times in a week) and try to unwind with music.

3. To what extent does the food you eat affect your body, and lifestyle?

SONALI: We have heard ‘N’ number of times “Nutrition is the key”. Diet is the key often people confuse diet with dieting. Diet means eating according to your goals, it means eating a balanced diet which provides you enough nutrition. You don’t have to eliminate anything from your diet or your meal. You just need to take care of your meal. Many people don’t have access to gym or due to some reason they cannot exercise. But diet is something very much in your hand.

Sonali believes diet plays a major role in building your body, muscle mass, lean down or shred down. Whatever type of body you are looking diet is the key.

4. What is the best way to get children to eat healthy and ditch junk foods?

SONALI: It always starts from home! Kids imitate their parents and of course their friends. Mostly kids are home, spending time with their parents therefore it influences their food habits accordingly. It is always nice to have a balance. I don’t suggest kids should be deprived of anything. But yes it should be in moderation. They are kids and need to enjoy their life. It is ok if they are having junk once a while but most of the time It should be a balanced diet.

5. Which is that one food item you would encourage people to ditch from their diets?

SONALI: Coca cola – any kind of sugary drink / carbonated drink. Cola is not doing any good to anyone, in fact any kind of carbonated drink (whether you go for a diet coke or regular coke it’s absolutely not required).

6. What is your go-to healthy snack?

SONALI: Nuts, they provide you good fat, you feel full for a longer period and they provide you enough nutrition. It has got a lot of fiber and minerals. It’s the best and I think all of us love nuts

7.What keeps you motivated and going?

SONALI: Every single day is a challenge; nobody can motivate you except yourself. When you see the results. You kind of get addicted to it you know things are happening, you feel happy and there is positivity. You tend to get self-motivated. Every day is a struggle and you have to get up and do it.

When I witness my result, which I am improving every time- it motivates me.

8. What is your fitness mantra?

SONALI: Never give up, it’s never too late, you are never too old for anything you can start from today from now. Just take baby steps and after few months you will be clapping for your self .

 9.: What is your favorite Nutty Gritties Product?

SONALI: Almonds!

10. What is the best advice you would like to give super moms and us at Nutty Gritties?

SONALI: You are a beautiful mom of those beautiful children, those children definitely deserve a fit mommy. So please take care of your health they really love you. We all love you. The entire family loves you. So please take care of your health!

Dam you guys are awesome! You guys are doing wonderful job I would love to have those almonds again!


Interviewed by Farheen Zeya